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How did it feel?
When you ripped out my heart
And you tossed it to the dogs?
Do you know?
And how did it feel
When you said those cruel words
When you threw away what he had?
‘Cause I know
Your eyes are dead and cold to me
A statue deteriorating in a graveyard
With hands outstretched to nothing at all
You have nothing at all
Or so you believe
As you stand, solitary
Right next to me
And don’t look the leper in the eye
A haunting and cruel alter reality
This is not where you want to be
But this is where you put yourself
And you stand so solitary
Right next to me
Is it lonely in that closet?
The one you’ve locked yourself in
The one you pledged to never come out of
Until the sun is black and the moon is blood
And your heart is dead, my friend
And here I am, at the door
Shall I wait, my friend?
‘Till the sky comes down on us all
And you realize that I’m right next to you?
These are the questions I pose
As I watch you stir so restlessly
In an eternal struggle with yourself
Will you kill your most vital part
Before you realize that you stand, solitary
Right next to me?
This fits here... I think. but anyway... I was sad, because a friend is coping with a breakup right now, and (quite hurtfully, I might add) he said, though not quite in these words, "I am alone." I was taken aback by this for the express reason that I'm always avaliable. That frustrates me. He KNOWS that I'm always there for him, and that I love and respect him and that's not going to change. This was written to him to explain the fact that that's not going to change. After all, I have a freeking amazing amount of patience. I'll wait until he realizes or until one of us dies. Either way, I'll keep waiting.
Sekuri Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2006
I love this. =o
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July 18, 2005
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